I have always been curious about how other people see me. I would always find myself wondering whether their perspective of who I am resonates with my own perspective of myself. Although I am a firm believer that one knows one’s self better than anyone else, there has always been a part of me that wants to know how people view me.

Because of that, I decided to ask the friends I still get to communicate with during the pandemic about how they view me, and compare it with the way I view myself. I gave them some series of questions and asked them to answer it as truthfully as possible.

Before we dive deeper on who I am based on some of my friends’ eyes, I would like to tell you first who I am in my own eyes.

Me in my own eyes

I view myself as the embodiment of the stereotypes wrapped around my zodiac sign, Gemini. Although I no longer believe in zodiac signs because I feel like by believing in them I am caging myself in a box that stops me from improving myself, whenever I read about my zodiac sign, I still feel like I am the one being described.

The way Geminis are described as beings with two personalities resonates with me. I am always either passive or aggressive; mature or immature; confident or shy. I tend to contradict myself a lot which I think makes it hard for the people who I am close with to actually feel close with me.

Although that is the case, I am very adaptive in a way that I can easily blend in to different people. I think the main reason why I can easily go to different friend groups whenever my junior high school friends and I used to fight is my adaptability.

If there is one thing I think I taught people, it is the value of thinking deeper than necessary. I am someone full of thoughts. Believe it or not, I consider elaborating ideas as a real hobby. Even though I am usually seen as this shallow thinker, I believe my thoughts hold depth.

One thing I think I should change about myself is my impulsiveness that shows whenever I am angry or annoyed at someone, most especially my friends. When I am angry or annoyed, I fail to control my emotions. I tend to to say and do things I do not actually mean.

When it comes to the thing I should not change about myself, I believe it is my will to dream big. The thing is, even now, I am like a child when it comes to dreaming. When I was child, I used to want to be an astronaut. This is hilarious but instead of the moon, I want to go to the sun. I want to create this amazing device that will allow me to step on that burning ball of energy.

Although my dream have changed, it is still something that most people would find as impossible to achieve. Despite that, I will not stop making my dream as my goal in life.

Me in my friends’ eyes

I realized that my first impressions about you were all true when we got close, but at the same time, I discovered that you were more than those things, and more than the ray of sunshine most people see you to be.

Vhianca Arisha

When some of my friends got to know me, they saw me in a different light. Most of their first impressions of me were true, but they realized that I am not all that. Underneath the shy, childish, immature, bitchy and rude girl is someone whose heart is soft and whose soul is brave.

One of them stated that I am someone who is really open to everyone and I believe that is something I learned from my mom since she taught me the value of being an open book. According to one of them, I am someone who is really opinionated and observant. I also tend to be vain in nature despite being insecure.

Aside from that, I also learned that one of my friends see me as someone who is consistent when it comes to the things she like. According to her, once I want something, I will try my best to get it as much as possible.

The lessons my friends consider as things I taught them are the following:

  1. See the good in yourself more often.
  2. You can change for the right people or because of the right people.
  3. Mistakes may happen, but at least you are surrounded with people who will always support you.
  4. In a world full of bad people, there are a few good people worth holding onto.
  5. Sometimes it is okay to stick with your gut feeling.
  6. Happiness is a choice we make.
  7. The world does not revolve around me.
  8. Keep doing what you are doing until your feelings for a specific person will go away or fade.

Why, hello there!

Thank you for reading! I appreciate it a lot.

In case you are wondering how I managed to ask them about myself, I made use of a Google form. If I were you, I would try this out since it is really fun to read the answers. It is like seeing yourself in other people’s eyes.

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33 thoughts on “Me In the Eyes of My High School Friends

  1. This is such a great idea… although I think I’ll be both excited and anxious to find out what my friends really think of me or how they view me. Lol! I like what you said about how mistakes may happen and the good thing is to be surrounded by supportive people. I couldn’t agree more to this. It’s really okay to fail and we shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves.


  2. Love this post! I remember when I asked friends from my junior high, senior high, and college what they think of me. At first i doubted myself if I was being true to them or If I was being true to myself, I got confused of who I really was because they all see me as a different person. But I realized, I’m all of those.


  3. Something worth remembering is we are our own worst critic! I used to always worry about how people saw me. I wondered what would be said at my funeral, I wondered if I was the person everyone else thought I was, etc. I finally made the decision to just move along as I am and try to better myself every day!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. More than just a fun experiment, I think I will do this as a writing exercise too. While I don’t have as much friends in HS as I do from college, I wanna see what they really think, as I have always been curious too. Moreover, I totally feel you on the thing about zodiac signs. I think at one point in my life I was kinda caged with the “scorpio vibe” but I have mostly tried to take the plunge and try out new things too. And to try and see more good in other people and not stereotype everyone as someone not to be trusted LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Parang gusto kong try gawin ito. Parang dati out of boredom nagpost na ako sa FB status ng something like “your first impression” or something like kung ano naiisip niyo kapag naririning nyo ung name ko. Deadma lang naman yung ibang mga tropa ko. Hahaha…

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Reminds me of the Johari window, where there are 4 things about ourselves – first is what we know of who we are, the second is what others know about who we are that we may or may not know for ourselves, third is what others see of who we are that we may or may not be aware of, and lastly, what no one knows about you, not even you. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. At work, I like to ask my coworkers feedback on my performance. Sometimes, our actions don’t reflect our intentions well and it’s amazing to hear how others perceive us. Nice read.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I’ve always said, other people’s opinions of me are none of my business. I say that because I don’t want to be burdened by caring what they think! The world is so tough as it is to worry about other people’s judgements.

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Perspective seriously makes you see things differently. This lesson really sticks out to me: “Sometimes it is okay to stick with your gut feeling”. From my high school days until now, I constantly find myself second-guessing a lot of what I do or feel. It’s so great to see that this is a valuable lesson that your friends credit you with!

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