To the girl who would one day date my guy best friend,

Let me start this letter by being truthful to you.

If I could stop the universe from bringing the two of you together, I would; if I could stop my best friend from falling in love with you, I would; and if I could prevent the odds of meeting you, I would.

I really would, without a shadow of a doubt; without any hint of remorse.

This may sound terrible, but I would hate to meet you. 

Meeting you would mean a shift in the friendship my guy best friend and I have. Meeting you would mean an end to the chapter of his book where I am mostly the one beside him and opening a new one with you taking away my role. Meeting you would mean a change, and I do not want anything to change.

Once you come into my guy best friend’s life, I would be a childhood photograph–something that is only remembered and can only be relived through looking back. 

You may not know this, but most of our conversations have always been about the past. We would always reminisce past happenings in our lives and try our hardest to figure out how it led to the present. We would also try to think about all the ways it could have gone right, if it did not go wrong.

I never realized before why I love talking about the past with him, but now I think I have decoded the reason. It is because I feel like by talking about the past, I would widely stretch the present and prevent the odds of meeting you any time soon.

As selfish as this may sound, I cannot bear someone else being close to him the way I do. If I could tuck him in my heart and let him stay there forever, I would even though I know I should not for he is not mine to keep.

We already established the fact that we are not meant to be each other’s other half. Like what he always says, our red strings were connected to other people and were only strangled to one another’s. But, the thing is, I hope it forever stays strangled.

I hope that as our lives unravel in front of us, in the end, we would not part. I hope that as we meet different people in our lives, our friendship would still be intact.

If he is reading this right now, I know he would know the reason. He knows how much I can get too attached to people. He also knows how much I dread the feeling of being left alone by those people who I am attached to.

Although in my best friend’s fairytale you would be the heroine who will save him and make him realize what true love is, in mine, you are the villain who would take him away from me.

Believe it or not, you are the nightmare I have always seen coming but is never ready for. The reason behind it is not that I never tried to prepare myself for you, but because I tried preparing myself for your coming, not realizing I do not need to.

The thing is, I am aware of the fact that he will not stay single forever. There will come a time when all the love he gave the world will come back to him in the form of a girl truly loving him.

I am aware of that, but I need more time.

I focused too much on dress rehearsing how you will take him away from me, even though I am aware that that is not your intention. Although that is the case, I cannot help but see you as that person– the one who will take him away, and I cannot bear that.

The thing is, my best friend has always been the only constant guy friend I have. 

He was there when I was recovering from what I consider as my first heartbreak; he was there when I was busy drooling over boys; he was there when I was trying to prove myself to the people around me; he was there when I was dreaming big; he was there when I was in the process of bettering myself; and he was there when I made a fool out of myself countless times.

And you know what, I was there; I was there when he was busy thinking that destiny works against him; I was there when he first opened up about his family matters; I was there when he was contemplating on his life decisions regarding girls; I was there when he felt lonely despite being surrounded by other people; I was there when he was trying his hardest to prove everyone wrong. 

Our friendship was tested countless times and although it gets strained sometimes, we always find ourselves in each others’ warmth. 

We talked about this a couple of times before. He had always told me that nothing will ever change our friendship and I believe that. 

I absolutely believe that.

Although that is the case, I know it is just blind optimism. It was just something we tell ourselves hoping that by saying it countless times to each other, it would suddenly hold truth, but I know there is a big chance it will not. 

The thing is, he may not know this but I know him not because he keeps on introducing parts of him to me but because I am too observant not to realize things about him. All I can say is, you are one blessed girl–not lucky because luck is an understatement for the way he loves.

You may not realize this but he is willing to love you the way you will never find yourself questioning his love; he can love you without thinking of anyone else but you; he can love you so deeply, so passionately, not realizing he is eliminating me in the picture I still want to be part of.

You know what, although I hope that the universe conspires with me to not let the two of you happen, I know it will be inevitable.

That is why here I am willing to let go of the friendship we have, to make room for the love you have to offer

But before that, allow me to translate into words what I really wanted to say to you that is still tucked in my heart. 

Whenever you find yourself looking at my guy best friend’s eyes, I hope you do not see a boy full of potential, but rather a man full of love

He would be far from the ideal man you envision. He will not always come to you with a warm smile and arms ready to cage you in an embrace. Sometimes, he will come to you with closed lips and fists that wants to let out his emotions by the only way he knows how. 

Whenever you find yourself having a hard time decoding him, I hope you do not give up. Instead, I hope you try your hardest to understand and see through him.

Here is a tip: every time his eyes do not reveal most of his emotions since he has already mastered the art of bottling things up, look at his hands. Let his hands tell you what his eyes cannot. Let his hands communicate with you what his eyes are trying to just brush off.

Whenever he shows you how intense his soul is, I hope you never think twice about loving him. 

His intensity is beautiful and if you find yourself loving him despite that, please pack away your love. Store it back in your heart and let it stay there until you realize what is wrong with loving him like that. He deserves not to be loved despite his intensity but because of it. He deserves to be loved with all his negative and positive attributes. 

And, whenever you find yourself falling in love with him deeply, I hope you never think of me or this letter. I hope you never try to limit your engagement with him thinking that it will hurt me. 

My best friend deserves to be loved with no distraction; He deserves to be loved fully.

Please love him in the way he deserves, even though it means removing me from the picture.

I already made lots of memories with him. It is time you make yours.


His girl best friend

Why, hello there!

Thank you for reading! I appreciate it a lot.

When I was in junior high school, I developed this habit of writing letters. Every time I offended or annoyed one of my friends, I tend to apologize to them through a letter. I think because of the habit that I gained, I started seeing letters as a form of creative expression like how one would describe a poem.

Just to be clear, this is a literary piece. It is under my blog collection called “Woven Words” that is home to my creative pieces. Like what my Beastie told me, one does not need to be in love to talk about love.

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27 thoughts on “A Letter to the Girl Who Would One Day Date My Guy Best Friend

  1. Amazing! Such an intense and heartfelt writing! I cried a bit realizing this hit home.

    Many years back, I was the girlfriend. The friend had been such a struggle, like a thorn stuck for life.

    Fast forward 20 years, guy is gone… the friend stuck for life!


  2. Felt the same thing way back in high school. I was worried that my guy bestfriend would leave me hanging once he find a girlfriend, and he did! Hahahahahahaha. That’s okay, it’s part of the friendship and I believe it is a phase that we all should be ready for. We are still good friends up until now. Planning to drop by is house this week to have coffee. Besties for 7 years! Could you belive that?


  3. Hmm this is such an interesting perspective from the girl best friend of a guy. I’m a girlfriend in a relationship and I find that I always get jealous and easily overthink that my boyfie’s relationship with his girl best friend is superior than ours. Parang ang sakit tuloy basahin ng post mo kasi sa isip ko “luuuuuuh mamiiiii cant ko take ‘yan” HAHAHAH but it just shows how much emotions you put in your posts. Damang dama and pagmamahal na nararamdaman mo para sa best friend mo ^_^ but hopefully it’s love that won’t ruin the relationships your guy best friend is trying to form with other people.


  4. I never had a guy best friend… I can imagine this situation must have been hard and also awkward. Especially for the girl who may feel like she’s in a competition to prove she’s worth it too! 😅

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow!! Hands down on this! I love how beautiful & heartfelt this is! I’m glad that you recognized your hateful feelings in a good way! Let’s face it no one’s perfect. Normal lang na masaktan and it’s the root of most evil things in this world. But you transformed your hate into something kind and forgiving.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. aw i feel that you love your best friend so much. i mean it’s like a sibling love. I remember my best friend who is also a guy and wayback college days, people tend to push us to be a couple. So i can relate totally to this.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. This kind of writing has reminded me of my digital written open letters during tumblr days LOL most of them are unsent letters and unsaid thoughts to someone. I can’t help but check on some of the letters hahaha omg they’re funny to read today 🙂 Anyway, I like how you express yourself.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Your post is full of love. I think it’s nice that you already accepted that you are not meant for each other. I once fell in love with my bestfriend and was in a relationship for 10 years but I guess it’s different if you’re than that. Unfortunately, we lost the friendship too when we broke up.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Beautiful tribute to your friendship. I really hope any partner you both have will respect the relationship you both have as friends. Losing friendships to relationships isn’t a good thing. We need people outside of our partners!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Your words do flow with a nice, haunting rhythm. Besides, what made both of you conclude that you were not meant for each other; a clash of values? I always believe that genuine love and care is the greatest meeting point for two people. With true love, we bury ourselves in the other’s heart forever.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I love this! I have been there. I have shared my life with a couple INCREDIBLE guy friends, both of which have more on to the next chapter in their lives now. While it honestly pains me to know that the next chapter doesn’t include me at anywhere near the level that it once did, I am also happy to see that they have found the love that they truly deserve.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Awwwn…so beautiful and heartfelt. Perhaps time may make it happen for you both and if not, well… I wish you both the best of all that life can offer. I hope you find the right ones who’ll stick by regardless of what happens.

    Liked by 1 person

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