In collaboration with Josanine Hinolan

Photographs provided by Margaret Anne Oribiada

Stay at home, mask up, and keep safe. A redundancy of phrases that keeps on buzzing into our heads keeping us anxious and uncertain about today and more so for tomorrow. We all choose to hold on to the promises and the hope that is being instilled unto us every single second of the day.

We try so hard to open our eyes each day with a tiny bit of longing to see a world full of healing and no more mourning. Yet, this is the world that we have to face today no matter how much we detest its circumstances; the darkness that continuously hinders us to see the drive to keep on going.

Well, welcome to Corona Season where we can say that it’s like fall season abroad but what keeps them apart is that it is the human life itself that grows bare. 

All seasons are usually much anticipated by every person around the world. Almost all of us are really working hard to have all the time to spend it outside with family and friends. But, with Corona season you and I know the inevitable risks that can happen as soon as when we make a step on the outside.

It is certain that what we have been going through right now is extremely untimely, the frustrations of missing out and not being able to go out. It hass been six months that we try to color the world using a pale palette, a blend of worries and tears being put into your canvas.

As a passionate person in the creative world, we hear the screams into your minds and we feel that blandness into your then undeniably wondrous taste on art. In every moment that we try to seek for that urge to create it all seems so empty. And yes, because it is Corona season, no one can make a pass from today’s creativity lockdown.

It does not feel freeing and it does not sound like it is meant for you and me. 

Nobody ever thought that the world will be reaching this point where tomorrow is never promised anymore. That is the reason why we all try so badly to get that productivity and positivity out of us every day but we both know for sure that it has been so tough lately.

To be a person with so much passion in arts and creativity, we are no longer just anxious about the physical danger of this pandemic season but we are too worried about what we can lose as we feel that our creativity is getting strangled every single second that passes by during this lockdown.

We want to do something, to take action, and initiate to help the world recover by using our creativity and power through art. Although that is the case, we cannot even get our own selves to get up from the bed.

We do not know what more we can do and how we can survive this pandemic as artists and creative people of this generation. Right now, most of us just have tons of questions in our minds that are left unanswered. 

As we stare at our own canvases, papers, and blank documents; our minds are being clouded with negative thoughts about the effects of this pandemic that is inevitable. Several people keep on talking about how staying at home can save us from the pandemic, but no one talks about how we can save ourselves from the thoughts haunting us when it comes to our creative endeavors.

There are days when we try our hardest to let our pens or paintbrushes glide, but it just would not; there are days when we try to translate into words and drawings what is being tucked in our hearts, but we just cannot. Despite these days, sometimes, we still find ourselves pushing our boundaries and still creating art.

We draw, write, capture, and paint despite the lump and stress brought by this pandemic.

However, we want all of you to remember that it is okay to take a break; to pause and let unproductivity gobble us up during the days that we find ourselves unable to translate our thoughts into art.

It is okay to breathe; to forget about the hustle that we continuously find ourselves doing back then. Do not be afraid and never think that you have lost your touch of magic in what you create. Just put in your mind that all of us are in the midst of an exhausting time in our lives and it is nobody’s fault.

You and I can lose the inspiration and motivation in some days but never lose yourself into that darkness and never let your dreams be eaten up by all these negativities.  You are not alone in this journey. Always keep your thoughts where you can be safe and create a world in your mind where you can see yourself getting better because one day, that will surely be real.

This pandemic may have stopped us from doing our usual routines and deprived us of from seeking for a vibrant life outside of our homes.

We know that it has been weakening, less motivating and barely inspiring but we can tell you this: life may seem uncertain today but let us reminisce the days where we would use up all of our might in order to bring our imagination into reality with art. Today, you can choose to do the same thing, to use up all your energy to get yourselves back together and prepare for the better days.

Start to rinse your paintbrushes, clean the lens of your cameras, ink up your pens, and regain your intelligence for when this season is over, there will be a moment were we can finally tell ourselves that we made it.

It is fine to feel the anxiety of today but always keep your anticipation for tomorrow. You and I are artists of the new generation. We are bound to continue to thrive and strive even at the midst of trials. We are meant to create a change; to make the world prosper into art, peace, and kindness. 

We dare you to unlock that fierceness inside of you and to never give up despite of all your thoughts getting mixed up today. We want you to get back up, seek strength from your passion, master your creativity, and have a heart filled with kindness to help others out as well.

You may not see it right now, but we got some future ahead of us. If we are so confident enough on what we build as artists and creative people then we should also be strong enough to believe that everything is going to be alright.

We can be the answer to the world’s questions. Our talents can be the colors to the lives of those who are battling with their darkest sorrows today. So, keep on going and seeking joy in every step of the way. 

Why, Hello there!

Thank you for reading! I appreciate it a lot.

My friend, Josanine, was the one who did most of this and I am just really so proud of her. What a genius she is when it comes to writing! There is a part of me that wants to be a copywriter, but seeing how she writes, I realized it fits her more than I do!

By the way, those pictures are provided by one of my dear friends, too! During the lockdown, she started her business called “Margaret Anne Creatives”. If you want to dive deeper on what she does, visit her Facebook page and Instagram account.

Lastly, follow my mom’s Instagram account! She has been nodging me to advertise her account on this blog since I created it, and as an obedient daughter (Lol! Don’t question!), I decided to give it a go :”)

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35 thoughts on “Corona Season: Creativity Lockdown

  1. It really is hard to capture the essence of a great creative if you are feeling strangled, but sometimes it is the very thing that can push us to be better. It’s like with the spanish flu, we were so helpless but we managed to create a vaccine- is that not creativity (with science) an outlet that made people be better and do better (most of the time).

    love the flatlays, so perfect for the mood that was written,


  2. I thought writing would be one of my outlets during this lockdown but words spend waaaay more time in my head nowadays. I just finished doing a 5-minute video yesterday about voter’s registration and that might be my most creative endeavor so far, aside from adding shelves & some furnishings in my room.

    Regards to your friend who wrote this 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Totally relate to everything you’ve written here. I’ve struggle with all lf these things as well. I guess as creative people, we are extra sensitive to the world. We think things and feels things harder and well, art is our outlet for that. I honestly couldn’t rest and sit still because i don’t wanna think about all the bad things happening around us righr now.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love your friend’s photos and also, you’re writing… Super creative! I also began to be creative during this pandemic. My blog became my creative outlet and escape. But still, I can feel everyday is a routine. So I really miss travelling and going out as well.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Our family are all creatives- from my husband, down to our youngest. And yes, we struggle at times to continue creating, though we try hard to do so. I feel you.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Such a beautiful piece! This part stuck to me the most “It is fine to feel the anxiety of today but always keep your anticipation for tomorrow. You and I are artists of the new generation.”
    I’ve always thought I was more of an analytical person than a creative one but because of the pandemic, I’be actually realized I am both. While I am unable to write as normally as before bevause of anxiety, I have poured my creative juices on other things like cooking and styling. End of the day, I think it’s about just doing whatever makes us happy, taking things one day at a time.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Sometimes I felt the lose of inspiration and tend to stress me so much. But I learned to digress and just have fun watching movies from Netflix, and suddenly an idea will comes in and I got so excited again.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I really felt everything that you wrote here on a deep level. I’m a musician, saxophone player, and I have been REALLY struggling to tap into that creativity and bring it forth throughout this time. A few of us have tried to work together, connecting online or in small groups, but I can tell that I’m not the only one struggling when we do. I never thought I would see the day that it was challenging to make the music that occupies so much of my life… and yet here I am.

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  9. Creativity is a strange beast. Whatever your outlet. Sometimes it flows, sometimes stunted. For some anxiety and stress halt it, for others it ignites. The pandemic has given me time and freedom to explore my creativity, for that I’m thankful

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  10. Nicely written and put out. I have to admit lockdown have been good to me and my creativity. I worked a lot to make my blog and instagram better and I think I did good, surprisingly I needed this time to become a better version of myself

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Very beautifully said, Aaliziyah! Also, I love the flatlays and photography of this post from your friend! Yes, super at risk talaga ang creativity natin but we also have to keep the hope alive. Like what you said, meron pang future. A bright future waiting for us. Continue to inspire others, girl!

    Liked by 1 person

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