Last August 25, 2020, I received a comment on my first blog post titled “17 Lessons I Learned From My Parents Before I Turned 18“.

The comment was from the blogger behind Aaliya’s Nook.Eat.Read.Write. In her comment, she told me that I was nominated for an award. When I checked her recent post, I saw that she nominated me for the informal award called Inspiring Bloggers.

When I started this blog, one goal that I really wanted to achieve was for people to see my blog posts as something they can drive inspiration from. As you can see, my posts are mainly about myself and the realizations I gained from starting my journey to self-love and self-improvement.


1.Thank the person who chose you.
2. Include the logo in your post.
3.Answer the questions asked to you.
4.Choose the bloggers who’ve inspired you (maximum 10).
5. Add a feature of their blog which you admire.
6. Ask them five questions.

A thank you note to Aaliya:

Hello, Aaliya!

Thank you so much for the nomination. You made me really happy not only because you nominated me for the award, but also because you made me feel like my efforts to create inspiring blog posts often rooted on my past was not in vain.

The thing is, although I wanted my blog to be inspiring, I never thought someone would actually find me as such. As an 18-year-old girl, I know that my wisdom on some matters is not really that broad yet. Sometimes, I still see important things in an apathetic point of view.

You, nominating me, made me realize how little I see myself. You made me realize that even though my voice was not that loud, I was heard.

This will be something I will always choose to remember. Although the award was informal, the happiness it brought me was no match for the happiness brought by the formal awards I got in school.


the girl you made really happy

Aaliya’s questions:

1. What or who inspires you?

My main inspiration for everything I am doing is my family. I want to someday pamper them like the way they are currently pampering me.

Although I am the eldest daughter, I tend to be the one who is more spoiled especially when it comes to education. Since my grade school grades were not cut out for Manila Science High School, my parents chose to let me study in the same private school I studied for grade school.

For my senior high school, I was not able to pass the D-SHAPE so my parents enrolled me at Colegio San Agustin–Makati where one of my previous teachers in junior high school was currently teaching.

That is also what happened for college. Since I was not able to pass the University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT), I was left to study literature in De La Salle University–Manila.

I am aware that formal education is just a small portion of life. Although that is the case, because of how much I see my parents sacrificing a lot for my education, I started wanting to gain good grades for them in hope that they would see me not as a burden.

2. Someone or something that instantly brings a smile on your face?

My dog, Tasha, instantly brings a smile on my face. Her antics are just too fascinating not to be noticed.

One of her antics that I really find fascinating is the way she fakely cries whenever someone leaves the house. Because of the enhanced community quarantine, my parents were allowed to work in their offices. Everytime they would leave the house, Tasha would start looking at the window sadly like she will never get to see my parents again. She would also whine and produce this high-pitch sound.

3. Your favorite comfort food?

McDonald’s cheeseburger is what I consider as my favorite comfort food. I just really love its taste! Despite having tasted lots of better-tasting burgers, I still find myself going back to it.

4. Your favorite genre in books or movies?

When it comes to books, what I consider as my favorite genre is romance. I love the way it stirs up lots of emotions inside of me. I also love the way the idea of love is being romanticized as this feeling that tops every other emotion.

I remember, my best friend who loves writing about love once told me that you do not need to be in love to write about love. When she told me that, I realized how great and artistic romance authors are.

When it comes to movies, the genre I love is drama. Drama movies tend to really be inspiring.

One thing you probably do not know about me is that I am a sucker for inspirational things. I think that is also the reason why I love quotes.

Although romance and drama are the genres I consider as my favorite when it comes to books and movies, my dad do not approve of it. He thinks that books and movies that fall into those two specific genres, make me lose my sense of logic. One thing he really instilled into my my mind is to not let my emotions get to me.

5. Your biggest fear?

My biggest fear is not being successful like how my parents envision me to be in the future.

My parents have sacrificed a lot for me. Because of that, my main goal is to really give back to them and make them experience the kind of life they chose to give up to provide for me and my younger sister. I believe the only way I can do that is by actually being successful.

My dad and I used to talk about the idea of me spending all my life giving back to them and he told me that that is something I should not strive for because it was their duty as parents to provide for the family they have built. Although that is the case, I still see a future where the tables have turned: instead of them providing for me, I am the one providing for them.

The blogger I nominate:

Kushal is the blogger I chose to nominate for the same award. While I was thinking of someone to nominate, our email conversation came to my mind. I suddenly remembered how kind he was to actually reach out to me. That is when I realized how inspiring kindness is.

Although what I mentioned was outside of the blogging world, I think he is still deserving of the award for he writes with other people in mind. One post he wrote that I really loved was the one titled “But, What is Your Name?“. It was so thought-provoking.

My Five Questions For Kushal:

1. What is your reason for starting a blog?

2. What book do you recommend to someone who stopped reading books?

3. Who are you in your own eyes?

4. Why do you write?

5. What is your greatest dream?

Why, hello there!

Thank you for reading! I appreciate it a lot!

I am aware that this is an informal award, but I just really wanted to share it. This really made me happy.

Speaking of the word “happy”, make my mom happy by following her Instagram account. Lol!

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49 thoughts on “I Just Got Nominated for an Informal Award

  1. Yay congratulations for getting nominated! During my tumblogging days, I remember a lot of this kind of nominations too and even if it’s informal, it has encouraged me to share more of my thoughts. Anyway, my dog makes me smile too. She really makes my day gets brighter each day! Tasha is such a cute name, btw. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is such a soulful read! Happy to hear you’re nominated as an inspiring blogger, even if just informally. With your fear, I say don’t stress about it too much! I’m sure your parents are already proud of you in whatever you do!


  3. Congratulations.. Keep it up… Continue doing what you are doing.. You are good at it.. Its my 1st time or not? to visit your blog, but i love the way you express yourself… Godbless..😊

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Congratulations on the nomination! Definitely would answer the same in questions 3 and 5! It’s true, no matter how many better burgers I’ve tasted, there’s something about McDonald’s Cheeseburger that really gets me, you know? A taste of nostalgia, almost. And for Number 5, yeah, I really hope I can be as successful as my parents want me to be. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I can totally relate with you when you said Tasha instantly brings a smile on your face since I am also a furmom. Interesting choice on your favorite comfort food — mine is also from Mcdonalds but their chicken nuggets. haha! Anyway, I enjoyed reading your post.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Wow! That was a great post and I really loved the honesty and frankness with which you write!
    And super glad about your nomination!
    And that was a superb intro that I definitely wasn’t expecting! You really went above and beyond!

    This post made my day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Age really doesn’t matter in writing. But it’s the heart behind the words that make them shine and inspire. Kudos to you for the awesome job so far snd may you never cease to inspire and get inspired. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Congrats Aaliziyah on your nomination for the Inspirational Blog Award! To be honest, this is my first time visiting but I really enjoyed reading your genuine answers to Aaliya answers! Love that you are really trying to use this platform not just to talk about yourself but to share some insight into what is going on in your mind, heart, and world. For those of us a bit older, it kind of gives me an insight into your generation so I can maybe learn and like your Dad, find ways to provide for you all. So keep up the good work and by the way, I secretly love McDonald’s Cheeseburgers too despite the countless other burgers in the world!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. This was so beautiful, Aaliziyah! Congrats to you for being nominated and cheers to more success to you on you blog and in your life! Clearly, something is working for you. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Well done, luv! I love your answers especially about making your parents proud and providing for them. Just focus on you and your achievements and continue to do great things that will make them prouder of you.

    Liked by 1 person

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