She was not the first girl who made his pen bleed. There was another girl before her who became the subject of his writings, but unlike that girl, she is sure of one thing: the moment she breaks his heart, he will write about her.

He will not stop using every bit of his heart and soul in immortalizing her and the pain she caused him in his poetry. His writings will be the transcriptions of the longing, anger, and sadness she had made him feel.

Until the emotions she made him feel linger within his soul; Until he still remembers what it is like to be in her solace; and until the memories he has of her reign in his head, he will continue writing about her–about them, and about the could-have-beens that they were supposed to share but failed to.

His tears will not come from his eyes but from his pen and the poetries written from it will be the masterpieces his readers will adore.

The moment she breaks his heart, she will be the witness to the transition of his writings.

The sudden change in the emotions underlying his poetries will be the first thing she will notice when she reads them and she will be in despair because she knows. She knows how much pain she has caused him to create those writings.

She may not be the first girl whom his pen bled for but she is sure of that one thing: he will write about her.

This is the curse she, the writer’s muse, will be in the moment she breaks her writer’s heart…that is why she will not. She will hold on until the last bleeding of his pen.


Thank you for reading! I appreciate it a lot.

This is inspired by my Beastie‘s prose poems about the relationship between artists and their muses. I was in awe with the idea enveloping her prose poems so I decided to write a piece about it.

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34 thoughts on “The Curse of the Writer’s Muse

  1. Nice piece…but it also shows that she’s putting the writer (a man) before herself all because she’s scared he will write about her if she leaves him. So she cannot leave and is destined to stay forever. Hmmn…


  2. Nice piece…but it also shows that she’s putting the writer (a man) before herself all because she’s scared he will write about her if she leaves him. So she cannot leave and is destined to stay forever. hHmmn…

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  3. I am super inlove with this piece. The emotions crept up to me. As a writer, i do admit that the past “relationships” I’ve had inspired me to write a lot of my work. It’s actually more on channel all of the emotions I’ve felt i guess. So yeah, had a bunch of muses. Hahaha. Grateful for them tho.

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  4. What a beautiful piece! You write it with so much emotions and I could feel them! Ang hirap din pala if writer ang boyfie or girlfriend hahaha 😅

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  5. Writing is a form of release. It helps people express their feelings through their writings when they find it difficult to verbalize what they feel. When faced with intense emotions, “a writer’s pen will bleed.”


  6. Love, love, love this. I’ve never dated a writer – and no one I’ve ever dated has ever been a reader – but as a writer myself, I’ve always loved the relationship between writers and muses, as complicated as they may be. It’s even more complicated when they are both writer’s, however, but heartbreak always brings out the most beautiful writing pieces, doesn’t it?

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    1. Although I have not yet felt seriously heartbroken since I am only 18 years old and my dad is pretty strict, I agree with what you stated that heartbreak can bring out beautiful writings. I think every writing is a transcription of its author’s intense emotions such as anger, sadness, and heartbreak. The more intense one’s emotions are, the more beautiful one’s writings can be. Indya, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about this piece! I love and appreciate it very much!


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